supported missionaries

  • Ben and Jody Selin, Mongolia

    Ben and Jody Selin and their children Audrianna (15), Kaylee (13), Keean (12) and Aidan (10) moved to Mongolia from the USA in January 2016. They have a heart for reaching out to the poor with God’s love in practical ways and ministering as a family to other families in need. They will be serving with a community development organization called Flourishing Future. Flourishing Future seeks to tackle poverty by focusing on ‘One Family At A Time.’

    Ben’s background is in auto mechanics. He loves to create, innovate and invent. He desires to be used by the Lord in social entrepreneurial ventures. He is passionate about coming alongside those in need and helping them climb the ladder out of poverty. He will be able to use these skills, along with credentials in Teaching English, at Flourishing Future.

    Jody’s background is in nursing and she has a heart for mentoring families and caring for orphans. Praise God that she will be able to meld her professional skill with her ministry passion by serving the families and orphans at Flourishing Future. Jody will homeschool their four kids who will plug into the ministry as well.

  • Kenny Danielson, Northwest Angle

    Converge’s Native American Ministry Advisory Committee (NAMAC) equips and serves our Native American leaders who live along the Canadian-U.S. border in northern Minnesota. The goal of NAMAC is to have as many Native Americans as possible on the committee, and to grow our Native American churches. Kenny Danielson serves as the Director.  Members of New Hope lead an annual missions trip to the Northwest Angle!

  • Hannah Swanson, Kairos Discipleship School

    I was born and raised in the cold state of MN. During high school I became very involved in my church’s youth ministry as a junior high small group leader. It was during this time that I believe my passion for discipleship began to grow. Throughout high school God continued to teach me what it meant to be a leader. After graduating high school I attended Kairos Discipleship School as a student and the following year interned for the school. After getting my feet wet in full-time ministry, I joined full-time staff with Kairos Discipleship School in 2015. I love seeing where God has brought me and how He has established passions within me for discipleship that I now get to use through working with Reign Ministries!

  • Jerry Schommer, Converge Worldwide

    In partnership with The Timothy Initiative (TTI), Converge churches seek to plant thousands of churches in the coming years. Jerry Schommer, an experienced Converge church planter and pastor, comes alongside our more than 1,300 Converge churches and their leaders to inspire them to generously invest their resources to plant churches

    among the unreached people groups of this world.

  • Gary and Valerie Maloney, Northern Ireland

    Gary and Valerie Maloney helped rebirth the ministry of Youth for Christ Ireland in January 2017, following 3 1/2 years of serving God with YFC Northern Ireland.  Previously, YFC's ministry in the Republic of Ireland had been inactive for 6 years. YFC Ireland strives to help young people find Jesus, follow Him and join His family. We exist to impact an unreached generation of young people for Jesus, working together with the local church, schools and like-minded partners across Ireland to see youth transformed by the love of God, reach their full potential in Christ and become lifelong followers of Jesus. 

    Gary and Valerie have a deep desire to intentionally train and develop young godly leaders across Ireland, which is Valerie's home country. Evangelicals make up less than 1% of Ireland's population. However, 40 percent of evangelical churches in the country have started in the last 10 years, which provides YFC Ireland a great opportunity to build relationships with church staff and volunteers to strengthen their efforts to engage with unreached youth. It's a blank slate and we're excited to see how God opens doors for YFC Ireland.

  • Dan and Sandy Varberg, Philippines

    Dan and Sandy serve at Faith Academy, an international Christian school primarily for the children of missionaries. Dan serves as the transportation and grounds supervisor and Sandy is the head nurse in the Health Services department. By serving the missionary community, the school plays an important part in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is the seventh most populated country in Asia with 107,668 million people. There are 683 unreached people groups and 311 unengaged, unreached people groups in Southeast Asia.

  • Lisa Sorely, Japan

    Lisa teaches fourth grade at Okinawa Christian School International. With an international student body from at least 10 different countries and 75 percent of the kids from non-Christian homes, OCSI provides many exciting ministry opportunities!

    Lisa was born and raised in a missionary home in Japan. Through the influence of her fourth grade teacher at a small school for missionary children, she trusted Christ. Because of the impact of this teacher, she knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. That's why she became a missionary teacher herself!

  • Jeff and Barb Chapman, Japan

    Jeff and Barb are planting the first cell-church in the Japan Baptist Church Association Rengo, in the town of Ikoma, just outside Osaka, Japan's third largest city. It is called Christ Community Church and currently meets in a house. 

    We are responding to the desire of Japanese to learn English and are starting new English classes.

    Jeff and Barb are also leaders on the Converge Japan field, with Jeff serving as Field Coordinator and Barb as Treasurer. This means we are entrusted with mentoring new missionaries, providing leadership in ministry assignments and partnerships, and networking with other Christian organizations and leaders to strategize and catalyze the formation of new ministries to reach the Japanese for Christ.

  • Dr. Pat, News Service 2000

    Dr. Pat serves as the President of News Service 2000 - a Bridge between the Persecuted Church and the Church in America. She travels as often as necessary to meet with the Persecuted Church to bring encouragement and to oversee (the continuation of) Bible distribution and other projects. This usually involves traveling at least twice a year, visiting multiple countries with each trip.

  • Kevin and Natasha Land, Bois Forte Reservation

    We support Kevin and Natasha Land at Nett Lake, pastoring at the Nett Lake Baptist Church on the Nett Lake Indian Reservation in northern Minnesota.

  • Lizzy Boettcher, YWAM Louisville

    If you’ve seen Lizzy’s steady spirit and tireless work ethic, you won’t be surprised to learn that she grew up on a midwestern farm. Around here you’ll see her tackling whatever task she’s given with her signature farm-girl grit. Lizzy is deeply committed to people and serves from her heart with thoughtfulness and generosity. She genuinely desires to love and welcome others, so you’ll quickly feel at peace when you’re with her. Just don’t ask her what’s involved in making sausages from those pigs her family raises. You don’t want to know.

    About YWAM Louisville: God wants to redeem the entire world, and we believe he wants to do that through his people. At YWAM Louisville our family of 30+ full-time missionaries is committed to the Great Commission and passionate enough to think we can complete it. We’re young people and not-so-young. Married and not-yet-married. Introverts and extroverts. Outdoor adventurers and bookworms. Coffee enthusiasts and tea sippers. Parents of toddlers, parents of teenagers, or still teenagers ourselves. Athletes, musicians, photographers, sci-fi nerds, you name it. Add to the mix a handful of staff kids and our ever-growing student body, and you’ve got a lively community.