Community Care

"We think it's about us but that’s not true. People don’t care what we say, they care what we do. Serve those around you with a smile on your face. They will see the love of Jesus and experience amazing grace."

Community Care

Our mission is to never turn anyone away who comes to us for help. Community Care works with other churches and area organizations to help meet the needs of those struggling with car repairs, house payments or rent, electric bills, food, and other basic necessities.

Meetings happen every Tuesday. Please call 763-552-7979 to make an appointment.

Coronavirus Relief Fund

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We are all affected by the current state of economy due to the coronavirus situation, but some are affected more than others. We want to be a people that respond with generosity and love to those around us. If you are already doing this, being light to your neighbors and those around you, awesome! If you are looking for an opportunity to help, New Hope Community Church is making a way for you to do that through a giving fund on-line to help those in need within our church family. In fact, Galatians 6:10 says,  "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” This fund is going to be used specifically for ‘bills of necessity’ such as rent/mortgage, utilities, etc. It  is meant to help those that consider New Hope Community Church their home and have need as a result of the ‘stay at home order’.  It is going to be separate from Community Care at this time.  If you go to the Give tab of this website, you will find this fund in the dropdown menu. As financial resources become available, those affected will be able to apply for assistance through New Hope’s website.

We encourage those who are able to donate all or part of their stimulus check to help the individuals and families in need.

To be considered for financial assistance we ask that you:

--Have been attending New Hope for at least the past six months
--Are active as a volunteer at New Hope, have kids in our kids ministry program, or actively participating in one of our small groups.


--To be used for bills of necessity (rent/mortgage, utilities, etc.)
--One-time-only assistance
--Checks will be made out to the vender/service provider

Please scan or send a photo of the bill you would like us to help you with to [email protected] Processing requests takes approximately 3-5 business days.

You will be notified concerning your request. If you are not approved and/or need further assistance, we would be glad to provide you with contact information for community resources.