Daniel Fast

January 13, 12:00 pm - February 3 - 12:00 pm

Learn more here: nhccmn.org/fast.

For our January series and during our Daniel Fast we will be focusing on the theme of “Overcoming.” For each one of us we have areas of struggle in our lives that intimidate us, shame us, defeat us, and we wish to overcome. They are like daunting Mount Everest to a novice climber. We struggle with anxiety, failure, self-doubt, bitterness, and loss to name a few. I have heard it said, “The challenge with life is that it’s so daily!” I think we’d all agree, especially in areas we’d like to overcome.

Our “Overcoming” series will begin Sunday, January 6th. The Daniel Fast will begin after service on the 13th, and end after the service on February 3rd. Our total days of fasting will be 21. Please be preparing yourself to trust God in practicing the spiritual discipline of prayer, fasting and worship. Head to nhccmn.org/fast for answers to more questions!

God’s awesome power is transforming and you will know that with God, all things are possible. I am excited for what God is about to do in the New Year, in your life, and the life of New Hope. I am excited about the stories that we will share in the end. Let’s invite God to take each of us, and New Hope as a whole, to a new place in our relationship with Him. Let’s together “be overcomers” and enjoy a year like no other year! -Pastor Bill