Fall Kick Off 2021

September 12 - 26, 9:45 am - 12:45 pm  |  All Campuses

NOTE: The activities at each campus begin after first service ends.

It seems like after summer everyone is resetting their rhythms and routines. People from all stages of life get more relaxed with schedules during the summer, so the natural tendency in the fall is to try and rein things in to re-establish some consistency as things get busier. If you’re going to add something new to your routine like church attendance or involvement, what better time than the fall when things are re-starting?

Sometimes it takes awhile to get things in order before you’re ready to make church a weekly activity for your family. That’s why we chose to kick off fall for THREE weekends! We hope you’ll decide that New Hope is somewhere you want to start growing this year. To find out what you can expect at each campus (they a little different) each week go to nhccmn.org/fall2021.