Men’s Freedom Challenge

May 18, 8:00 am - June 16 - 8:00 am 2020

Overcoming addiction is rarely doable alone. We need each other and the Holy Spirit to help us overcome. It takes practical steps, Biblical study, prayer, and accountability to beat the addiction.
Join other men at New Hope in a freedom from porn/sexual addiction series that will start with a 30-day challenge to do some daily steps to find the power to overcome. Here’s what it will include:
1. Daily devotionals to encourage and strengthen (including 5-7 minute videos).
2. Meet weekly via Zoom in a small group setting to pray, encourage, and strengthen each other and maybe watch or share a teaching.
3. Pair Christian brothers up with each other to be accountability partners.
4. Have recommendations emailed for monitoring/protection software that is linked to accountability partner.
5. Give practical steps to cut off access to the addiction, offering healthier ways to deal with stress and other life issues.
To ask questions and get further instruction email Aaron Newton (co-leader with Pastor John) at [email protected].