HopeGroups Launch

March 24, 8:00 am - April 14 - 1:00 pm  |  Both Campuses

Our Mission is to develop passionate followers of Jesus. In order to accomplish this mission we desire for everyone to participate in opportunities to Grow in Groups! Check out the various purposes of the groups that will help you develop into a passionate follower of Jesus. Sign Ups start on March 24th! Learn more on our Groups Page.

5 types of groups descriptions:
1. Being Together: While all groups build relationships, this is the first priority for these groups, such as assimilation groups, recreation groups, networking groups, etc.

2. Learning Together: Learning groups focus primarily around a topic, curriculum, or other study material, and are most often represented in churches by Bible study groups.

3. Caring Together: Caring groups come together around a common need like self-help groups, support groups, parenting groups, etc.

4. Working Together: This broad category includes all small groups that are primarily focused on an agreed-upon task, like accountability groups, service groups, etc.

5. Mixed-Purpose Groups: These groups have more than one of the four agendas in the previous groups so they equally divide their time between various agendas.

Contact [email protected] with questions!